“I Respect the Distance He is Trying to Create”


^ In cahoots as usual…..

People need to understand my disdain for this man. For an example of details click on the linkage.  I hate the site it’s on…..but about Jesse – it’s truth.

For whatever reason, Amy Goodman chose to interview this man…..why? I don’t know. But you can read it here. It’s about his support of Barack Obama, and Obama decision to not reach out the (fake) doctor……thus the quote.

The title kills me because…..it just does. I mean Jesse baby seriously….you think he would want YOU, of all people, to stump for HIM? The man that claimed Martin died in his arms and he was actually in the parking lot? Bro-ham, you are like a black cat (no pun intended)…..things/people just seem to sour, and lose their focus, vision, purpose around you. You just cover everything in a nasty, sticky film called grandiose lie sponsored (unsually…. or maybe not) in part by Ford.

One thought on ““I Respect the Distance He is Trying to Create”

  1. The Good Ol Rev. Jesse thinks he has the black community fooled. That pretty boy wolf in sheep’s clothing needs to stop dreaming, because the rest of Black America woke up a long long time ago. I despise him!


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