Don’t go off and cop that Prius quite yet folks…


Apparently things might not be as they seem, says John Cassidy of the Conde Nast’s  Click here to get the article.

This a pretty good article on oil pricing, which includes a lot of facts that most people are tending to ignore for various reasons.  The first thing I thought after reading this is that the IMF and World Bank are gonna have a field day going out and drilling in places people never even knew existed.  At the same, it’s happening right now.  (Doesn’t make it right…I still stand by the post I put up about how the oil-co’s hurt people….but unless you aren’t fixing to fill up your gas tank ever again and are joining the indigenous people in Ecuador in the struggle – I really don’t wanna hear what you have to say…read the article and take it for what it’s worth.)

Also, it seems that really…all buying a Prius does is……well….you bought a new car that takes a little less gas.  I’m not saying you need to purchase a Hummer……but people can miss me with all that recycle and shit.  If gas was still cheap as hell – a Prius prolly wouldn’t have hit the market.  But now…because of this oil scare – new technologies are coming out for newer fuels… eventually when we DO run out of oil, we will have these to fall back on.  I admit….I’ve watched all these documentaries that convinced me that oil was the bane of the world, and that companies are greedy and holding up hostage for profit.  And you know what?  This is true.  But in the long run, it looks like we might have been better off for it.

5 thoughts on “Don’t go off and cop that Prius quite yet folks…

  1. Isn’t it true also that the battery for the Prius costs 5000.00 and must be replaced every five years? I also heard that the battery was not very environmentally friendly to dispose of…..


  2. yes…..and yes. The Prius is one of the biggest frauds in automobile history. Yet it sells. It’s like successful Delorean….


  3. lol… ok my ostentatious and omniscient pals.. you guys are just too complex!! its like everything is a conspiracy with you’s guys. Please humor me, why is the prius the largest fraud in the automobile industry history?? That is quite the bold statement.. back it up gee.


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