Sacco and Vanzetti

Painting of Socco and Vanzetti

I’d heard OF the case, but it was only recently that I knew about the case.

This is definitely one of the biggest and most important cases ever brought to trial.  It showed our nation’s (more than) occasional lapses in the suspension of various legal and civil rights.  Like all of them.  There are lots of people who would argue that things have changed from the 1920’s up until our current time.  I would argue that there is plenty of evidence that says things haven’t changed much at all, and if anything, this type of prejudice and discrimination is just more transparent, and actually even more broad because of it.
This is a case about two ordinary guys that managed to radicalize or, at the very least, change the way people thought about our legal system, the concept of proper fairness, and/or their own politics – specifically the attempt of political suppression by the state.  They have not and will not be forgotten, and their lost lives were not in vain.
I would advise you to check out the Wikipedia entry, as well as the links on the pages.  As a primer, there is a great documentary by Peter Miller on the case.   Check it out.
It’s a celebration struggle, bitches.

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