Chuck D for President??


Of Def Jam that is! Chuck D has thrown his hat in the ring for Jay-Z’s old position. While there were mixed feelings about how Jay ran the biggest hip hop label ever, I think its safe to say that with Chuck D in the mix, the bullshit pop festival that is now Def Jam will get a gut check. Wether its Jay-Z’s fault or not I think its reasonable to say Def Jam has lost its edge and is  just a slut for medicoracy and lame business. Chuck D  makes sense because of who he is and what he would do for a corporation like Def Jam. Whats that you ask?Chuck D outlined his plan for Def Jam, as seen below: 1) Being ahead of the technology curve; preparing for a thinned out industry; and managing budget efficient acts is very noteworthy of my resume which is simple. I told these cats the online revolution was coming and they needed big adjustments. They relied on lawyers, courts, and accountants only to now look upward at Apple, etc.

2) Their cost factors didn’t fit the times, I come from a world where the $50,000 investments resulted into 6 – 7 figures. Now it’s a business where 7 figures are invested to make 6.

3) I would run it like sports. These artists would be busting their tails on tour and on the stage to gain a fan. They would be coached on how to do their thing right. Braintrust will be high, and subcontracting to the right contributors will be comparable of the efficiency of these labels like Jazz and catalog departments. You cannot have people working, that haven’t the slightest clue of what they are in the middle of.

4) Any criminal mindedness in artistry, and management would have sit this one out, go their own way. It’s like bad apples the long run ain’t got nothing to do with entertainment. You can’t mix the stage and off stage parodies.

Chuck also said that he feels he could be more effective for his community through these means as opposed to running for office. He states “So instead of me running for politics, this is an easier run into the world of influential culture,” he continued. “I’m in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York on the regular as well as I [thoroughly understand] the international picture,” Chuck said. “There would be some seismic changes, and I would be a little Huey Long-ish at it. If folks are clueless about this parallel that’s precisely the problem.” [ Huey P. Long was a Great Depression-era politician that was hugely popular and successful. He was killed shortly after announcing a bid for the presidency.]. The music business’ chief concern these days is monetary return and Chuck D, who is renowned for his political and social consciousness, said he could generate revenue as well.

This is very interesting and relevant to Corrosive Material because of who Chuck D is and what he has done. Welcome to the Terrordome!

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